My name is James Hodson, I am a 22 year old from Manchester and it is vital that you know that I pride myself on the creative, innovative and overall productive aspects of who I am and who I one day aim to be. I've always been an introvert but with a large extrovert nature to the way I deal with my work. My artistic mission started when I was only 13, and have continued to thrive off the challenges I have been faced with, producing top results in whatever field I have thrown myself into, whether it be; music, video, graphic design, poetry (and other miscellaneous literature) as well as promotions and online content management - my own and for others - honing in on the importance of utilizing social media accounts in today's ever-changing market.

As far as voluntary work goes, I have managed to stretch my abilities in every direction plausable. Examples of some of the organisations and campaigns I have worked with include distribution and promotion for Keep It Bright UK (makers of the Someone's Everything campaign) as well as a project of a similar promise that I am part of as events and management staff, Speak Up Project. I've also done administrative work (including carrying out graphic design and general ICT tasks) for homeless and deprived persons charity The Mustard Tree, as well as distribution and promotion for various live performance events, both musical and exhibitionist. This also stems into some voluntary duties of my own marketing through social media and many types of online community to gain publicity as well as recognition for projects I have completed solo, especially driven in music production, music technology and video editing. Examples of this include; consistent time spent promoting new tracks, conjuring up journalistic reports (as well as guest articles, and blog entries for respected independent groups/brands), upcoming local events, visual design free for the taking, all for myself and others who have requested my services. I've also spent time doing in-studio work experience for Salford City Radio, events assistance working with media giant and music caterer Sharp Futures (The Sharp Project) amongst plenty of other areas of music facility, and in the past have worked closely with the BBC and ITV academically. I graduated through industry standard education on the Electronic Music Production course at SSR Manchester September of last year, granting myself a degree which means I can now produce music professionally. I am also currently signed to Deep Garden Recordings in Taiwan.

Within my recent music project, initialised in May of 2013, I have gained regional plays on local Manchester radio stations, tracks collected and placed into various DJ mixes, requested to write soundtracks for indie games, intros for YouTube videos and plenty of other progressive accomplishments, excluding those of which have been ongoing since the dawn of my music career from 2006 onward. On the more commercial side of things, I've also had offers from potential partners to go ahead and try and make profit out of using my name as a brand, shifting the power from top management to small business.

My dedication to making this my life is incomparable to anything else I have ever done, and will ever do, and I just hope that there is something you have to offer me that will help me excel with what I ultimately want to do and in turn help me contribute to you and your company's own personal targets. I just want to get out there and do it and I hope, given the chance, I can prove this to you.

HODSON Clear Circle